Book Launch for Opioid Reckoning

Ruth Stricker Dayton Campus Center, JBD Auditorium 3 Snelling Avenue South, St. Paul, MN, United States

Opioid Reckoning explores the complexity of the crisis through firsthand accounts of people grappling with the reverberating effects of stigma, treatment, and recovery. Taking a clear-eyed, nonjudgmental perspective of every aspect of these issues—drug use, parenting, harm reduction, medication, abstinence, and stigma—Opioid Reckoning questions current treatment models, healthcare inequities, and the criminal justice system.


“Not an Elegy: An Oral History of our Opioid Reckoning” Texas State University – San Marcos, TX

In the midst of this COVID pandemic, another set of communities have also been traumatized by a rise in overdoses and opioid related deaths.  Amy Sullivan, a medical humanities and oral history specialist, has focused on the family and care-giving connections that help people with addiction issues persist.  Through extended interviews and case-studies with staff,...